August Trivia Answers

August 15, 2019
Split pea and ham hock soup

Good job on answering our August trivia questions! Want to see if you got them right? Below are the correct answers.

1 True
2 Sugar and vinegar
3 Tootsie roll
4 Béchamel sauce
5 Fettuccine Alfredo
6 False. A saucier is a chef who prepares sauces or it is the tray under a gravy boat that catches drips.
7 Oysters
8 At its head
9 False. “To reduce” a liquid means simmering it to reduce its volume, to thicken and to concentrate flavour.
10 Baby formula
11 Zeppole (savoury or sweet Italian “doughnuts”)
12 Tinned foods
13 Mother
14 Balsamic vinegar

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