Saucy personalities!

August 19, 2019
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Mayonnaise devotees are said to be the most chilled and easy-going people alive. Do you agree? We take a look at what different sauce lovers, including those with an inkling for Hellmann’s mayo, reveal about them.

What does your favourite sauce say about you?

We all have our preferences when it comes to choosing sauces for our meals. Preferences may change depending on the meal type, but there are people who love a certain kind of sauce no matter what they’re eating. In this post, we reveal what your preferred sauces say about you…

Hot sauce

Hot sauce or any spicy sauce is a favourite among many. It’s such a common trend that Beyoncé even mentioned it in her Formation song! People who love spicy sauce apparently most likely live on the edge and are believed to be adrenaline junkies. The truth is, spicy food sets off pain receptors and those who love the burn on their tongue are pretty much hooked. Do you now get why adrenaline junkies just love it?


If you’re a lover of mayo then you’re probably the most chilled person in your group. You’re also likely pretty easy-going and you like to keep things low-key. Even if you have a bad day, nobody can really cause your mood to sour. Why? Because you’re just so chilled!


When it comes to salsa-lovers, there are two kinds of people:

Those who choose the healthier option.

You prefer home-made salsa, probably because you’re not a fan of how processed store-bought salsa is. And you don’t mind paying a bit extra for freshly made food. You are definitely living on the fresher side of life.

Those who don’t mind the jar.

Whether it’s home-made or store-bought, to you, it doesn’t matter. You tend to live on the wild side and there’s nobody who can step on your flame. You never fear feeling judged for your actions or choices in life – you just take things one step at a time.

Tomato sauce

You are a child at heart and love the simple things in life. You aren’t particularly keen to try new things and you thrive in familiar surroundings. Oh, and that friend you had since childhood or high school? Well, you’re probably still buddies today.

Top tip

Who would have thought that a simple sauce preference could tell you so much about a person? No matter what you like, though, all these non-mayo sauces can benefit from a swirl of delicious, creamy Hellmann’s mayonnaise. Yum!

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