Bennigan’s Restaurant in Joburg

May 26, 2017
Bennigan’s Joburg

Bennigan’s has become somewhat of an institution over the decades it’s been around. I have wonderful, fond memories of enjoying some of my first steaks here growing up, and family celebrations shared over a table brimming with their specialties like fiery fajitas, tender and succulent racks of ribs and legendary cuts of meat. When it closed its doors in the Bedford Centre a few years ago, people were devastated, to say the least. So, what a welcome surprise to find it relocated and reopened in Kensington, offering the comforts we had grown to love over many years. While the decor is more modern bistropub and even offers a kiddies’ playroom, the menu still pays tribute to their baby back ribs, fajitas, Cajun-style calamari and excellent cuts of grass-fed, free-range beef. The sirloin with garlic sauce was just as tender and cooked to perfection as I remember it. There are some new menu items too, like slowroasted pork belly and nachos to share. While their usual Mississippi mud pie and key lime pie are up for dessert grabs, the salted caramel chocolate brownie is sure to become a popular favourite; and no doubt Bennigan’s will continue to deliver on “bringing families together” since 1972. Gardens Centre, 81 Langermann Drive, Kensington; 011-615-1658.

By Taryn Das Neves

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