Coco Safar – Global luxury coffee, pâtisserie and café brand

Conceived in New York, designed in Toronto and made in Cape Town, the Louis Vuitton of the food world, Coco Safar combines the finest Michelin-star quality patisserie, baked goods and a café style casual food, paired with world class Third Wave coffee and cold brew in a luxurious retro chic setting.  The flagship store also features a truly revolutionary free standing espresso bar as well as the first independent retail capsule emporium of its kind internationally.

Coco Safar is the culmination of a lifetime of journeys and discoveries in the café, coffee, patisserie industries for the entrepreneurial visionaries behind this highly innovative, multi-sensory consumer experience.

Both creative and entrepreneurial at heart, Wilhelm Liebenberg and Caroline Sirois’ epicurean passion for a unique café experience that combines equally great food and coffee, saw them opening a string of cafés in Montreal, Toronto and New York as part of an insightful street level R&D process to shape and refine the business model and brand identity. “It has always been about excellence, authenticity and relevance”, says co-founder Liebenberg, “and the drive to be unique. If you’re not relevant and you can’t bring a distinctly new consumer experience and product offering, you have no need to exist.”

The First Retail Capsule Emporium of its kind

From custom fixtures, designer hand-crafted wood and linen counters filled with beautiful, bespoke boxes of coffee and Rooibos capsules, the Coco Safar Capsule Emporium is like none other.

For the first time, Third Wave coffee has made its way into the inside of a capsule, thanks to Coco Safar. The revolutionary capsules make use of the finest grade, small batch and micro-roasted coffee, meticulously sourced from the best producers around the globe. Previously reserved only for coffee snobs in grungy espresso bars, consumers can now enjoy the taste and quality of Third Wave quality coffee in the comfort of their own homes, or in Coco Safar’s luxurious cafés. Each capsule has further been sealed in high barrier-proof sachet, ensuring that the coffee is as fresh as the day it was roasted – a fact that’s evident by the incredible aroma released when opening a Coco Safar capsule sachet.

Coco Safar is obsessed with providing uncompromising, consistent quality which suprasses the expectations of its patrons– ultimately everything it makes and the way it is presented is about creating a sensual, authentic experience for the consumer, at every level.

Coco Safar is an authentic, understated luxury café experience, whether you have a few hours to spend, a few minutes to grab a great coffee and a proper croissant to go or want to take away unique and awesome patisserie or a special dessert experience to enjoy back home.

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