The Best Milkshakes Spots in South Africa

January 3, 2018 (Last Updated: November 13, 2018)

Gourmet milkshakes have become a standard in many restaurants across the country. Whether you call them freakshakes or monster milkshakes, both adults and kids enjoy them and there’s a flavour for everyone. The traditional five flavours (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, lime and bubblegum) have been taken to another level with flavours like salted caramel, candyfloss, Nutella and more. Here is a list of the best milkshake spots in South Africa.

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1. Craft, Johannesburg

The restaurant’s speciality #OhShakes are gourmet milkshakes on steroids. With a list including The Candy Feast and Chocolate Overload, it is definitely a sweet lovers’ dream come true.


2. Rocomamas, branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban

Candylicious, Peanutology, Slow Death By Chocolate … just saying these are making our mouths water! Another popular place for a burger and milkshake combo.

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 3. Hudson’s The Burger Joint, branches in Joburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban

Nothing goes together quite like a burger and a milkshake – and Hudson’s has the perfect pairing down to an art! While tucking into one of their juicy patties, try indulgent flavours like salted caramel, Lindt chocolate brownie and even strawberry candy floss! If you’re looking for something with a kick, get yours laced with Kaluha, Amarula or Frangelico.
 There’s peanut butter, Oreo, Bar-One and classic vanilla to choose from. They are also now serving InstaShakes, which come in OTT flavours like Lindt chocolate brownie, the Cookie Monster, salted caramel popcorn, and strawberry candy floss. If you’re feeling naughty, order a double Don Pedro shake with Amarula.

4. My Sugar, Cape Town

Chocolatiers at My Sugar in Sea Point, Cape Town, have created drool-worthy gourmet shakes with a twist that is almost too pretty to drink! Their miso caramel milkshake is a blend of caramel, cookie butter and butterscotch popcorn, and their caramelized coconut milkshake topped with vanilla-bean whipped cream is the stuff of milkshake heaven!

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 5. Something Good Roadhouse, Port Elizabeth

A funky daytime eatery with some classic gourmet shakes. The Boris Becker (featured below) seems to be very popular – it’s flavoured with Tennis Biscuits and German ginger cake, and topped with a flaming orange meringue.

6. Cocobel, Johannesburg

Climb up the ladder at the Cocobel truck for something delicious. Here you can order your shake – choose from vanilla, caramel, dark chocolate, white chocolate, strawberry and banana – then decorate and further flavour it yourself as crazily as you like, such as with snakes, Smarties, sour sweets, candies, sprinkles and hundreds-and-thousands.


7. Ed’s Diner, Pretoria

This retro-style diner offers a selection of old-school shakes including strawberry and bubblegum, but it’s their speciality shakes that get our vote. The Peanut Crunch and Bar-One shakes are definitely on our must-taste list.

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8. XO Patisserie, Johannesburg

XO Patisserie situated at 27 Boxes in Melville, Johannesburg, features a two-for-one deal which dessert lovers won’t be able to resist. Known for their cronuts (that’s a croissant-doughnut hybrid pastry that’s deep-fried and all kinds of delicious, for those not in the know), they’ve now created a milkshake that is topped with their famed pastry delight!

Remember their soaring “almost to the ceiling” freakshakes? We can always rely on this 27 Boxes patisserie to be out there with food trends, especially when it comes to their delicious cronuts. Our favourite variation is when straws are plunging straight through the decadent cronut centres – such as with XO’s freakshakes, which are available in flavours like peanut butter, Peppermint Crisp and vanilla choc-chip. These artisanal milkshakes are thick and full of flavour. We also hear there’s a Mermaid CrazyShake coming next…

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9. Pop-Up Society, Durban

This popular Glenwood gem has become famous for their crazy shakes. The gourmet offering includes three indulgent flavours: There’s Death by Chocolate (complete with a chocolate cake topping), Red Velvet Indulgence with red velvet cake, and Amarula Milk Tart shake, which has a tot of cheeky Amarula for an extra kick. They also have special shakes on the menu, with versions like the sparkling Unicorn Shake with edible glitter and the Strawberry Doughnut shake, complete with a shot of Strawberry Lips.


10. Duke’s Burgers, Johannesburg

 Turkish delight, homemade brownie or toffee and fudge – the choices are seemingly endless ad this trendy Greenside burger joint. If you’re stopping in to fuel up before a night out on Jozi town, be sure to indulge in one of shakes with a kick.

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