How to make an Easter wreath

March 10, 2017 (Last Updated: March 20, 2017)
Easter wreath

You will need

duck eggs/quail eggs/any other eggs of your choice
1 x metal nail (to puncture the eggs)
1 x 35cm-diameter circular vine wreath (for the bunny’s body)
2 x 25cm-diameter smaller wreaths (for the head and ears)
sturdy brown florist wire
1 x metal ring or hook (to fasten to the wreath for hanging)
variety of flowers and foliage (we used indigenous fynbos like pincushions and proteas)
variety of natural feathers

How to do it

Start by hollowing out the eggs. Carefully pierce a small hole in the top and bottom of each one, using the metal nail. Placing your mouth around the top hole, blow the contents of the eggs out of the bottom hole. Enlarge the hole if the contents don’t run out easily. Very gently rinse the eggs in water to clean them inside.

Position and bind one of the smaller 25cm circular wreaths to the larger wreath, using the florist wire. This will form the head and body of your Easter bunny.

Separate the remaining smaller wreath into loose strands. Using the florist wire, bend and weave them into 2 ear shapes. Bind the 2 ears to the top of the smaller 25cm head wreath, positioning them where you wish to have the ears.

Thread thin florist wire through the holes of the eggs. Bind the eggs to the wreath. Arrange large flowers in the wreath and secure into position with florist wire, if needed.

Entwine and weave the remaining feathers and flowers into your bunny wreath.

Attach the metal ring to the wreath, using florist wire, and hang on a door or wall to display.

By Sarah-Jane Williams

Photograph by Katelyn Williams

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