Pop Champagne Restaurant in Joburg

February 6, 2017
Pop Champagne Restaurant in Joburg

There are few sounds in life that capture the moment of celebration as well as the “pop” of a cork from a bottle of bubbles, followed by the rush of heavenly nectar as it eagerly makes its escape. Pop Champagne promises patrons toasting special occasions a decadent time, from the black and gold swing seats on the porch to the luxe interior. Whether you’re feeling like an indulgent splurge on the Louis Roederer or wanting something local, Pop’s menu offers a variety of giddy fizz to enjoy by the flute or bottle. And to pair: a crafted menu of raw items, main events and three sinful desserts. We started off with a tray of oysters dolloped with a punchy wasabi aïoli, delicate salmon tartare on crunchy bruschetta and beef carpaccio with a mustardy dressing, paired with pickled shallots. We moved on to the lomo al trapo – tender beef fillet grilled in cloth to a blushing pink and served with Mediterranean butter – before getting our fingers lathered in the lemon-garlic velouté which doused a platter of succulent, seared prawns. Suffice to say, dessert was another round of Genevieve MCC Blanc de Blancs.

137 Greenway, Greenside, Johannesburg; 083 645 0505.

By Taryn Das Neves

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