The Raptor Room Restaurant in Cape Town


Like most of the popular haunts you’ll find in Cape Town, The Raptor Room satisfies the hungry traveller’s tummy in the most spectacular and original way. A small but well-rounded menu is almost as playful as the atmosphere. A diner-style set-up of high tables and chairs are dotted with pink plastic dinosaur table toppers, customised metallic green piping tables and artificial jungle leaves hanging from miscellaneous spots around the café. The menu plays on classic and contemporary themes: The Gatsby (You Gats-tby Kidding Me) and deep-fried chicken with a few steamy twists – have it on a wood-fired Portuguese roll or get your chook done popcorn-style. My taste journey started with a Beyoncé (of course) – a vanilla ice cream float with cold-pressed watermelon juice. Next, I move onto the F**k Bread – the most brilliant replacement I’ve seen for wheat yet: sweetcorn fritters with a jalapeño butter kick are perfectly complemented by a rich house salad and creamy avo salsa. Look out for their Mac ’n Cheese Monday and F**k Bread Friday specials (two for one, sit-down). Otherwise, tuck into their vibrant brunch menu, where banana bread French toast with smoked bacon and granadilla curd are at the top of our list. Shop 2, 79 Roeland Street, Zonnebloem, Cape Town; 087 625 0630.

By Chevaun Roux

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