5 places for High Tea in Durban

High Tea

We’re all familiar with that unfortunate afternoon energy slump, so why not combat it in style? We’ve rounded up 5 places for High Tea in Durban that are sure to satisfy the sophisticated section of your palate. Don your best pearls, polish your shoes, and enjoy an afternoon of decadence!

The Palm Court at The Oyster Box

The go-to for glamorous gastronomy among locals, The Oyster Box boasts sea views and an impressive High Tea service. Help yourself to the classics and then some: scones slathered in cream and jam, light finger sandwiches, and (bless Durban’s prioritisation of South Africa’s best heritage dishes), Peppermint Crisp & chocolate mousse squares. Drawn out in luxurious leisure, accompanied by soft live piano, the afternoon will float away like steam curling from a teacup. The Palm Court at The Oyster Box Hotel, +27 31 514 5000.

Boutique Boulangerie

Boutique Boulangerie

The elegance of Victorian High Teas gone by filters through the hardwood floors, stained-glass windows and high ceilings of the Boutique Boulangerie like hot water through a teabag.  Set in a quaint colonial house, you’ll feel right at home while enjoying some amazing culinary service. This is the perfect balance between comfort and occasion; relax in the charmingly simple interior while enjoying a variety of light, fresh baked goods (be sure not to skip the cheesecake!). Boutique Boulangerie, +27 31 201 2406.

The Sugar Club at Beverly Hills

Soft armchairs and cozy golden lighting make the perfect setting for a truly tranquil high tea. Recline in the lap of luxury (within reason. Do remember that High Tea etiquette frowns upon falling asleep at the table) while feasting on wild mushroom puffs, sundried tomato croissants, and signature Beverly Hills cupcakes. This is certainly mecca for those who prefer their cuppas with heavy dose of comfort. The Sugar Club at The Beverly Hills Hotel, +27 31 561 2211.



The Anglocentricity of High Tea can certainly be appreciated in the characteristic scone and jam combination, but if your palate longs for something more exotic, Jeera is the place to go. Unique in its “Durban-inspired Indian cuisine”, this high tea gives a spicy kick to the classics in truly artistic culinary innovation. Prepare to indulge your taste buds with rose petal macarons, cinnamon eclairs, and cumin and cucumber finger sandwiches. After all, variety is the spice of life! Jeera, +27 31 314 7878.

The Saint James on Venice

Silver teapots, checkered floors, and delicate glass cake stands gleam in the Durban sunlight as Saint James on Venice begins the elegant but tranquil ceremony of High Tea. This is the perfect setting for those who prefer a cuppa in or near the garden; what could be more perfect than scones with cream cheese and biltong and mini pavlovas served under a canopy of emerald leaves? The Saint James on Venice, +27 31 312 9488.

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