The Goodnight Market

December 14, 2016 (Last Updated: February 28, 2017)
The Goodnight Market

Living (as I do) in Port Elizabeth’s history-rich neighbourhood of Central, I’m always thrilled to see a dilapidated historical treasure restored to its former glory. And the recently renovated Tramways Building in the face-lifted Baakens Valley (no longer simply industrial, but instead one rich in arts, culture and leisure) is truly a sight to behold! It seems fitting then that the Tramways Building should have become the venue for The Goodnight Market. A visit to this monthly event is the perfect way to relax, exhale and indulge your senses, whether with a bunch of your fellow foodie friends or for a fun family outing.

 The Goodnight Market outside

The proceeds at the door go to the Love Story non-profit organisation, which helps the destitute in the community through feeding schemes and poverty alleviation. And just one word to the wise: while you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice with fresh juices, kombucha, coffee and hot chocolate at The Goodnight Market, bring your own bottle if wine or lager is more your style.

The Goodnight Market kombucha

A tough call to make, my trip to the market simply had to kick off with a packet of crackling from Culture Kitchen’s food stall. My companion and I crunched on these while sipping wine from German mustard jugs, perusing our options. It took this indecisive foodie a couple of trips around the market to consider the vast array of choices available. Fynboshoek Cheese provided the perfect opportunity to sample some award-winning cheeses along the way – with a mental note to return later and stock up on creamy mozzarella for the larder.

In the end, I returned to Culture Kitchen for their super-soft, sticky pork belly skewers. My friend arrived at the long wooden trestle table with a tasty-looking Vietnamese pork bánh-mì bun from firm local favourite, Raak. We did the obligatory food swap-and-sample and the bun proved as yum as it looked.

The Goodnight Market macarons

With the evening drawing to a close, there was just one thing left to contemplate: dessert. I needed to look no further than Han-Made’s ice cream to satisfy the craving – made with fresh fruit and keeping the “creamy” in ice cream. There was even beer-flavoured ice cream for the more adventurous. My partner meanwhile loaded up with sweet treats from Ganache. Their handcrafted truffles were so very pretty, it seemed a shame to eat them.

We finally made our way home – impala cheese grillers from Vossie’s and our Fynboshoek mozzarella in hand – satiated and sleepy-eyed. PE’s finest had done it proud.

By Jocelyn Fryer

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