Tuk Tuk Microbrewery in Franschhoek

tuk tuk microbrewery

A trip to Franschhoek is never short of exquisite food and the perfect glass of wine to complement it. But, for something different, pop your head into Leeu Collection’s microbrewery in conjunction with the Cape Brewing Company, offering the ultimate thirst-quencher. And, if you can’t decide if it will be a pilsner or pale ale to lift your weary spirits, there is always their liquid tasting menu to sample. While your taste buds lap up the ice-cold crispness, let your stomach delight in the fresh Mexican street food available on their menu – think nachos cooled with sour cream, guacamole and their pico de gallo, tender tuna tacos with the right amount of zest and tang, or the slow-cooked Asian beef taco – rich, spicy and smoky… hitting all the right spots! The menu is small, but punchy, with other items like chilli and lime chicken wings, ceviche and quesadillas to ‘tuk’ into. Mexican flavours continue through into dessert where the crème brûlée is served with tequila-poached strawberries. Venture indoors where tanks of Tuk Tuk’s own brews are undergoing the ancient art of fermentation. 14 Huguenot Road, Franschhoek; 021-492-2207; tuktukbrew.com.

By Taryn Das Neves

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