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August 22, 2019

Same month, different year… we dust off our September issues as far back as 20 years ago to glimpse (and sometimes giggle) at what was trending then – and might even be back again!

Retrospective page

20 years ago – September 1999 Issue

English comedian Bradley Walsh once cheekily said: “Time travel is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?” We can’t help but agree. Looking back on 20 years, we combine both time and travel in this recap of our trip to the heart of Provençe. Like good wine, this gorgeous region in south-eastern France only gets better with time. If you were to visit today, you’ll be able to retrace our steps to the neighbouring Vaucluse villages of Gigondas, Vacqueyras and Beaumes-de-Venise. During our visit, owner of Hôtel Montmirail in Gigondas, Marc Nicolet, spoke of his prediction for the future and said: “… this area is being discovered and, in the next 10 years, we expect more interest.” Now, two decades down the line, we wonder if his expectations were met. Seeing that the hotel is still very much in business (and even going on its second generation in management), we can safely say that the hotel, at least, has stood the test of time.

Retrospective page

10 years ago – September 2009 Issue

Balmy weather and lavish picnics go hand-in-hand and, just as it were 10 years ago, flavoursome sarmies in whichever shape and form are still a definite must when it comes to alfresco entertaining. A decade ago, we had a blast coming up with new and exciting ways to enjoy the humble sandwich going from surf (trout, cucumber, mustard and crème fraîche sandwich on seed loaf) to turf (mustard fillet, mushroom and Emmenthaler on sourdough bread) with a few vegetarian options in-between (chunky tapenade open sandwich or tomato-chilli relish and mozzarella tortillas, anyone?). A spread that beckons you to head for the hills (and make them come alive with the smell of freshly baked bread), these delicious subs have inspired us to look at our go-to snacks with renewed verve – you know what they say; some things just never get old.

By Nicole Kemp


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