How to use up leftover chocolate – brilliant ways with melted chocolate

January 15, 2019
How to use up leftover chocolate – brilliant ways with melted chocolate

It saddens us that we live in a world where leftover chocolate is a thing, but it makes us ridiculously happy that there are several delicious ways to use up leftover chocolate.

Below, we share some of our favourite ways for using leftover melted chocolate:

  • Make chocolate bark

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to use up leftover melted chocolate is to make chocolate bark. With minimal effort required, it is the perfect sweet treat or gift for a loved one.

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  • Make these yummy chocolate pretzel bites

They’re bite-sized, delicious and super-simple to make… adults and kids alike will be licking their fingers!

RECIPE HERE: Chocolate pretzel bites

  • Use leftover chocolate to make chocolate sauce

Chocolate sauce goes well with almost everything – drizzled over pancakes or ice cream, or even served over warm brownies. Here’s our recipe for delicious, creamy chocolate sauce.

  • Chocolate-dipped marshmallows anyone?

We love adding marshmallows to our favourite hot drink. By dipping marshmallows in chocolate (and rolling it in sprinkles too), it adds for a fun addition to hot chocolate on a cold, winters day.

  • Make choc-chip cookies

A firm favourite for most people we ask, you simply cannot go wrong with baking a batch of chocolate cookies .

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  • Try something fancy – make bigné 

Bigné, also known as Italian profiteroles, are custard-filled pastries are traditionally eaten on St Joseph’s Day in Italy. Try our delicious profiteroles recipe.

And because you only live once…

  • Eat it with a spoon, straight from the bowl.

For more yummy chocolate recipes, visit the chocolate recipe section on our website.

Written by Imka Webb

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