5 Things you didn’t know about your cat’s diet

February 11, 2019 (Last Updated: February 12, 2019)

You know cats can be finicky eaters, but did you know these things about cats and their diet?

Cats are nibblers

While cats usually eat their main meals at dawn and dusk, they may still want to nibble during the day and will do so if food is left out for them to eat. Should you decide to leave a little dry food out for your cat or even get some feeding balls for them to play with, SPAR pro-balance scientifically formulated dry cat food is a perfect option for any time feeding time.

Cats should never eat grapes, raisins or dough

While there are some of our foods which cats can eat, for instance having some fish now and again, there are some foods that are a very big no-no when it comes to cats’ diets. Three of these things are grapes, raisins, and dough. The yeast in dough could actually cause your cat’s intestines to rupture, so it’s really not something to be played around with. Other things making the list are chocolate, onion, garlic, tomato, avocado, and mushrooms.

Cats also need carbs

Carbohydrates, or more specifically, dietary fibre, are important in your cat’s diet. This may be found in scientifically formulated cat food like that of SPAR pro-balance, where the fibre and protein are mixed. The digestibility of your cat’s diet can impact their quality of life quite significantly, so choose wisely.

Cats are called obligate carnivores

Cats need to eat meat to flourish and some of the amino acids that are necessary for their health are found only in meat. Forcing these “real” carnivores to follow a vegan or vegetarian diet is not considered a good idea overall.

You can create a mini garden for your cat

Catnip (which is non-addictive and safe to eat) can easily be grown in a windowsill. Plant some wheat, oat, rye or barley grass as well for kitty to nibble on and there you have it – your cat’s own mini garden. 

When it comes to our cats, love is a four-legged word!

Scientifically formulated and recommended by specialist animal nutritionists, the SPAR pro-balance range of cat food is a balanced, nutritious meal for all cats. The Quality, protein-focused formula also contains a blend of antioxidants to support a strong immune system. Essential vitamins and minerals, like calcium, also support strong bones and teeth.

The dry SPAR pro-balance Cat Food comes in a range of shapes and colours to add variety to your cat’s meal. The pack also contains vet recommended feeding guidelines to help owners keep their pets at the best possible weight and condition.

Flavours for fussy felines

SPAR pro-balance dry cat food is available in three fantastic flavours perfect for fussy felines: Gourmet Chicken, Grilled Salmon and Seafood Buffet. The food is available in two pack formats; 2kg and the handy 900g Elopack carton.

SPAR pro-balance is available exclusively at selected SPAR stores.

To find out more or find your closest SPAR: spar.co.za | Facebook: @mySPAR


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