Tips That Make Hand Washing Dishes Better

June 30, 2020
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We all enjoy a home cooked meal, but clearing and washing the dishes afterwards? – Not so much. Here are simple tips that can make hand washing dishes more convenient for you.

Wear gloves

The best part about wearing gloves when washing dishes is that they protect your hands from germs, dirt and bacteria. We can all agree that after hand washing dishes, our hands can feel quite dry and flaky. However,  by wearing gloves, no matter how many dishes you wash, your hands will remain soft and protected.

When you wear gloves while dishwashing, you also grip dishes better than you would with wet hands. So you can say goodbye to broken dishes because of slippery and soapy hands.

Use an anti-Bacterial Dishwashing liquid

There’s regular dishwashing liquid and then there’s Sunlight Anti-Bacterial Dishwashing liquid. Both of them clean your dishes but an anti-bacterial dishwashing liquid cuts through grease fast and kills 99.9% of Germs*. You’ll spend less time in the kitchen scrubbing dishes, because the Sunlight Anti-Bacterial Dishwashing liquid will eliminate dirt and germs for you.

Get a dish rack

Having a dish rack comes in handy because it keeps your plates and utensils neat as they dry and can assist in decreasing the likelihood of broken glasses or plates after washing.

Use hot water

It’s always better to wash your dishes with hot water over cold water because hot water gets grease off quickly and it reduces drying time. Hot water dries more quickly on dishes than warm or cool water.

Give pots and pans time to soak

Sometimes pots and pans have stubborn food deposits that aren’t so easy to scrub off. When that happens, pour a small amount of water and dishwashing liquid into the pot or pan and let the food bits loosen overnight. This will make washing them the next day a breeze.

Play some music

As tedious as washing dishes may sometimes seem, playing music as you wash can make the experience enjoyable. Set up a playlist with your favourite songs to uplift your mood and before you know it, you’ll be done washing dishes and wondering where the time went.

You can never have too much cleaning tips up your sleeve. Follow these tips for cleaner dishes and a cleaner kitchen.

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