Tips for Making a Better Burger

June 30, 2020
Sponsored by Hellmann

The cooking process can be long and tedious with many of us seeking the easier way out to create the perfect dish. Below, we’ve listed some simple ways to enhance your cooking while making the experience all the more enjoyable.

Make Your Own Patties

Pre-made patties are commonly used when making any burger but for a juicy, scrumptious and tasty one, a homemade patty is usually the way to go. Choosing the homemade method provides a cleaner, safer and more stylised way of making your patty, and lets you infuse your own flavours before you cook it. Placing small pieces of butter on the outer parts of your patty adds moisture and a bit of a creamy flavour to your creation. While adding your flavours, why not add a quirky twist with our tangy mayonnaise choice?

Check the Amount of Fat in the Patty

Although making your own patties comes with many benefits, buying a premade set gives a better idea of the fat content in each patty. Be sure to check the ingredients label and its saturated fat amount per serving. The average amount of fat per patty should be about 20g. A casual topping on your burger won’t do any harm and if you’re trying to watch your calorie intake, why not try our Hellman’s light mayonnaise

Find the Right Cut

The ultimate burger recipe does not come easy and choosing the right cut is crucial for a premium burger-eating experience. Chuck and brisket are different cuts of meat that give their own tastes and textures once they have been grounded. For red-meat eaters looking for a moist and juicy burger, the brisket cut is the perfect option. Brisket has a high fat content which creates a smooth and moist texture when ground and cooked. A round cut is a cheaper selection of meat and still works for those on a tighter budget. The meat you cook all boils down to your preference, with vegans, vegetarians and pescatarians seeking different options. To top off your original choice, Hellman’s Original Mayonnaise seems like the most fitting condiment to try with a touch of tanginess in each bite. For vegans straying away from anything dairy, our Vegan Mayonnaise is the perfect option.

Grill Instead of Fry

What better way to reduce your fat intake than slapping a good ol’ patty on the grill? Grilling allows fat to drip from food, which results in a meal with less cholesterol. Some fat is still retained in the process, but just enough to keep your burger juicy. Add a salad on the side while keeping your health in mind and drizzle it with our rich and creamy olive oil dressing to top off your main course.

The ultimate burger recipe comes with a few tasks at hand but is worthwhile when completed. Delivery and expensive dining can weigh down your wallet and take away the custom feeling of making your own burger. With a few of the tips and tricks we offered, why not try a classic, tasty and stylised burger in the comfort of your own home?



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