4 Middle Eastern-inspired eateries in Cape Town

Anyone who has ever attempted to conquer a few Middle Eastern recipes will know that it’s pretty difficult to perfect the distinctly flavorful and aromatic art of the cuisine. Steeped in culinary traditions, it often requires exotic ingredients, a flair for spicing, and a dexterous hand. Lucky for us, Cape Town is like a melting pot filled with a diverse amalgamation of cultures, tastes and flavours from all over the world. The result? Food on the table that takes our tastebuds on journeys far and wide while still feeling like home. Indulge in the flavours of the Middle East with these four restaurants in Cape Town: Mesopotamia If you’re looking for the taste of authentically traditional Kurdish cuisine without having to catch a flight, then look no further than the heart of the vibrant Green Market Square. A simple trip up the stairs of an unassuming building in Cape Town’s city centre will instantly transport you to what feels like a cosy nook in the Middle East, complete with colourful carpets, traditionally styled lamps, and dimly lit warm-toned colors. Indulge in an array of mezze platters offering a variety of Kurdish, Turkish and Mediterranean flavour-filled dips, each served with homemade, … Continue reading 4 Middle Eastern-inspired eateries in Cape Town