5 Asian restaurants in Cape Town to add to your “must-try” list

It’s become clear that eating food is considered much more than simply a survival technique here in the Cape. Oftentimes, it’s become the very activity we centre our social lives around. When was the last time a TikTok restaurant review appeared on your ‘for you page’? Probably just yesterday – if not seven minutes ago – given the hype of food culture. We may even go as far as saying, food as a whole has become an entire way of life (not that we’re complaining at all). So if you’re looking to replenish your restaurant-to-do list or simply craving to discover new flavours, here are five Asian restaurants that will do just that: 1. How Bao Now This culinary gem serves flavour-packed buns stuffed with crayfish, kimchi, brisket and Szechuan fried chicken – to name just a few. Truth be told though, we were already hooked by the name. Who doesn’t love a good play on words? We’re ready to eat, how bao you? Location: 375 Albert Rd, The Old Biscuit Mill Operating Times: Wednesday to Saturday 11am to 4pm Picture: @howbaonow_za / InstagramIf you ever find yourself in Johannesburg, be sure to check out The 20 Best Restaurants in Midrand. 2. … Continue reading 5 Asian restaurants in Cape Town to add to your “must-try” list