Charcuterie boards 101

An essential for entertaining, charcuterie boards are a delicious and elegant way to present snacks or starters at a gathering. The best part of a charcuterie board is how easy it is to make. They may look fancy, but they can actually be put together with minimal effort. Here is everything you need to know to put together a show stopping charcuterie board.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Food&Home (@foodandhomesa) What is a charcuterie board? Charcuterie is French for a shop that sells cold meats, and has come to mean the culinary art of serving cold meats. Nowadays, charcuterie boards often also involve cheeses, fruit, pickles, preserves and bread or crackers, meaning that they are easily customisable for any occasion. How to create one Cold meats The first step in creating a charcuterie board is to decide which meats you will be using. There are so many options that can easily be picked up at your local grocery store, like hams, salami, prosciutto, chorizo and more. The key is to choose between three and five different meats for some variety. Depending on the kind of meat, the slices can be laid out on the … Continue reading Charcuterie boards 101