How to add colour to your home without the overwhelm

‘Don’t be afraid of colour’ is something we’ve all heard countless times this year. Whether it came from fashion influencers, beauty gurus, or decor and design authorities, we’ve been instructed to look at bolder palettes with immediate effect. ‘That’s all fair and well. But where on earth do you start when you’ve stuck to the same pearl-white walls and soft beige throws for years? Don’t rush in; this is not the decor Olympics As a decor enthusiast and an unofficial interior designer to the many places I have called home, the first thing I advise anyone looking to add some colourful vibrance to their space is this: don’t rush in. Yes, it’s exciting to go to your favourite decor den and pick out items, colours and designs that ‘just speak to you.’ But trust me, when you come home with a random hot pink rug, three Pear Fantasy scatter cushions and an obscure mustard lamp with no idea how to make them all work within your generally neutral living room; you’ll be glad you listened. Unless you have a mood board already planned out, or are ready to identify as a budding maximalist, take it slow and start with a plan. 1. … Continue reading How to add colour to your home without the overwhelm