Glide through life at The Capital 15 On Orange

Nestled within the hustle and bustle of Gardens, the Capital 15 on Orange is the Cape Town hotel you shouldn’t miss People stay at hotels for a number of reasons, work and leisure being two major factors. Whether you need a room to accommodate your corporate schedule, or to offer you a break from the endless city activities,  the Capital 15 On Orange pulls out the stops for everyone’s needs. The sleek interiors of the lobby, restaurant and entrance halls showcase an ‘urban-jungle’ look glittered with different textural elements, lush plant life and golden hues, offering an immediate feeling of oasis. Front desk and lobby staff are ready to welcome you with your check-ins and questions, offering a refreshing pink welcome lemonade (winning!). We were given our room number and card in less than 10 minutes and explained the way to our room. ( As someone who hasn’t experienced the inside of very many hotels, getting a key card to unlock my door is very exciting). Room ready The rooms unravel into perfectly positioned layouts with the most exciting recessed lighting you will ever experience (If you love the ambience of warm light, you will feel immediately cosy and relaxed). … Continue reading Glide through life at The Capital 15 On Orange