7 countries that celebrate Easter differently to South Africa

Easter is either a time of reflection for those in the Christian faith or an excuse for many to get chocolate-wasted. As South Africans, we also look forward to the long weekend that often sees an invasion of GP number plates in the country’s coastal towns. No matter the tradition, Easter is the big sigh of relief in the first quarter of the year that we all need. Although celebrations may vary among families in South Africa, here is how some nations across the globe observe the holiday in colourful, epic and sometimes weird ways. 1. Germany Picture: Flickr Commons/ Günter Hentschel Like South Africa, many countries celebrate Easter with painted eggs and in Europe, it also coincides with the coming of spring. In Germany, trees are decorated with embellished easter eggs called Ostereierbaum or Easter Egg Trees. It’s also a custom in Austria, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Moravia and the Czech Republic. 2. Bermuda Picture: Unsplash On Good Friday, the shores and skies of Horseshoe Bay Beach in Bermuda are filled with kaleidoscopic colours because of the Bermuda Kite Festival. It is said that the kites are a celebration of the ascent of Christ. Bermudians also dig into fish cakes when it’s Easter. … Continue reading 7 countries that celebrate Easter differently to South Africa