Iconic wine pairings with a twist

There is something uniquely exciting about finding new ways to enjoy old favourites, especially when shared. These thought-provoking pairings are a feast for the palate and are sure to spark imagination and delight guests. Here’s what you need to know to start enjoying wine from your collection with fun new accompaniments or even host with the absolute most this season. Far From Cheesy This time-tested pairing is a classic for good reason. Nothing starts a good time off quite like cool, crisp wine served with creamy, soft cheese. Better yet, when you know which pairings work, you won’t believe the sensorial magic you’ll experience. Brie and bubbles? Yes, please! Contrast Brie’s creaminess with the tart acidity of dry champagne. Savour full-bodied Gorgonzola with a satisfyingly sweet moscato. Or serve earthy goat cheese with citrusy Sauvignon Blanc to bring out the nutty, herbal notes in the cheese. Absolutely Unbeatable One of the more avant-garde ways to enjoy wine is by pairing it with music. Yes, really. If traditional pairings use smell and taste, why not upgrade them with the added element of hearing? This sensory delight is sure to change the way you enjoy your wine and your music. Crank up … Continue reading Iconic wine pairings with a twist