Restaurants in Kalk Bay for seaside dining

Kalk Bay is a coastal haven where culinary delights and breathtaking ocean views coexist. Because each restaurant has its own character, there’s no doubt you’ll find an eatery to satisfy your food cravings. Experience a kaleidoscope of flavours, from seafood straight from the sea to exotic flavours from around the world. Whether you want an elegant fine dining atmosphere, a rustic beachside retreat, or a carefree café atmosphere that embraces the sea breeze, Kalk Bay is the quintessential destination for dining by the deep blue.   1. Kalky’s  Kalky’s has held a special place in the hearts of the community for many years, remaining a beloved favourite and often the sole motivation for a trip to Kalk Bay. It’s a restaurant that truly deserves a visit for those seeking a taste of the sea in the most endearingly casual setting, with a scenic view and consistently good food. A keen instinct for spotting soon-to-be-vacant tables and quickly catching the attention of the current occupant to secure a seat before any other eager diners do, as well as a sharp eye to deter seagulls from snatching your hake from the basket, are two essential elements for a successful visit to Kalky’s. … Continue reading Restaurants in Kalk Bay for seaside dining