20 popular restaurants at the V&A Waterfront

The V&A Waterfront is home to some of Cape Town’s best restaurants. The shopping hub and port bustle with life, culture and amazing food. It’s near impossible to visit the iconic destination without sitting down for a hearty meal. With food choices to suit every preference, mood and weather change, you will never be dissatisfied eating at the V&A Waterfront. But do you like to explore the natural world? If so, why not check out some sensational camping sites in Cape Town? Now, let’s dive into this list of 20 top restaurants at the V&A Waterfront. Here are 20 Waterfront restaurants that are worth a visit 1. TANG TANG is a luxurious take on the Japanese izakaya style of dining and classic Cantonese-style cooking, transporting diners on a culinary journey in a lavish Asian tropical setting. A lightness of being overflows from the exquisite oceanside location as the iconic Table Mountain plays the perfect backdrop. A light, uplifting interior enhances your dining experience while the harbour’s hypnotic energy embraces it. In one of the world’s most famous and visited cities, TANG at the V&A Waterfront offers the perfect escape for the senses by the sea. Also Read: The 13 Best … Continue reading 20 popular restaurants at the V&A Waterfront