Dinner at the Happy Uncles

We recently dined at The Happy Uncles where we enjoyed their 8 course menu and it was a taste explosion! With an impressive background in food, Chef Anwar has made it his mission to make the Happy Uncles the new fine dining spot in Cape Town. And best of all? It’s fully halaal! What impressed us most about the experience was the presentation of each dish where it is clear that meticulous attention to detail has been taken to ensure an experience that will not soon be forgotten. We chat to Chef Anwar to learn more about the Happy Uncles and find out what makes him tick. How did you come up with the idea behind Happy Uncles? For a very long time I’ve wanted to open my own restaurant. Initially I thought of opening a pop-up restaurant to keep the costs low but then lockdown happened and I found myself taking on a wider scope of work within the industry like events, weddings and private cheffing as opposed to the strictly fine dining and I had been doing previously. Eventually together with a close friend of mine Riedaa Manie we decided to open the happy uncle’s. What is Happy … Continue reading Dinner at the Happy Uncles