From Mopani Worms to Magege: 6 Must-try foods in Limpopo

Are you planning a trip to Limpopo, the northern province of South Africa? Don’t forget to add traditional cuisine to your list of things to experience. Though Limpopo is not widely known for its cuisine, it has a few hidden gems that are worth trying. Here are six traditional dishes you should not miss. Before getting into it, check out the top things to do in Morocco. 1. Chicken Feet and Cow Heels At a village just outside Magoebaskloof, local legend David Letsoalo invited us to his home for a traditional lunch. Prepared by his wife, Mary, we were served plates stacked high with chicken feet, cow heels, giblets, and tripe. The sides of samp, pap, peanuts, and beans were delicious. Although it may take a while to get used to the gelatinous texture of the meat, it is an experience you do not want to miss.   2. Mopani Worms Mopani worms are one of the most popular alternative snacks in South Africa and are a primary source of protein for many who live in the furthest northeastern parts of the country. The dried version is the most palatable and crunchy, yet fleshy. The salty sting on the tongue … Continue reading From Mopani Worms to Magege: 6 Must-try foods in Limpopo