Karen Dudley: A peek inside her kitchen

Karen Dudley has moved on from The Kitchen and is looking onward to brighter, more delicious things. We peek into her kitchen and find out who Karen is outside the iconic restaurant she is known for. Talking to Karen is like talking to a mythical, food-obsessed wizard. It’s in the extra-large hand gestures when she talks about toast and her sparkly eyes when discussing her lovely kitchen. You cannot sum her up in a nutshell, nor would anyone want to. Stepping out of The Kitchen ‘I am never going to have another restaurant,’ she says when asked about the closure of The Kitchen. ‘Being at home more is wonderful and being with my family is amazing, but I’m also doing a lot of other fun and interesting stuff, and I’m embracing it and looking to the future.’ The Kitchen powered through the first months of the pandemic and South Africa’s strict lockdown, but Karen knew it couldn’t continue. ‘People were shocked! The Kitchen was such an establishment; it was all about conviviality, people hugging, getting a sandwich over the counter, lots of people breathing on the food, and people fighting in the queue for the last honey mustard sausage. And … Continue reading Karen Dudley: A peek inside her kitchen