Natural wine : A new wine trend?

NATURAL WINE: A NEW WINE TREND? In the past 20 years, the wine industry has experienced an influx of “natural wines” to the market. Credited with the more recent “discovery”, Jenny Lefcourt began importing this wine from France in 2000 to bring a fresh new take to the much loved fermented beverage market. It wouldn’t be surprising to have never heard of this before. Still, those who move in wine circles know that there has been one of the most significant divides within the industry, particularly with the rise of veganism within the population. For those who don’t know what natural wine is, it’s wine that has been farmed organically and made without any additives. Essentially, this wine is bottled straight from fermentation without any human intervention to hinder the natural fermentation of the fruit or any other biological processes. It also means that no fining or tight filtration of the wine takes place before bottling, resulting in a wine that tastes “alive” or “wild”.  While there has been a renewed zeal for natural wines within the bourgeoise, this is not a new concept. For centuries, man has fermented grape juice without additives like preservatives and sulfites. Contemporary winemaking, i.e. … Continue reading Natural wine : A new wine trend?