10 Recipes for when life gives you too many lemons

When life gives you lemons, there’s more to make than lemonade! Lemons are typically ready to harvest in South Africa between June and September. If you have lemon trees in your garden, that gives you four months with a constant supply of lemons. Here are some recipes to make for when the fruit bowl has been usurped by lemons. LEMON DESSERTS 1. Lemon meringue cupcakes Why not combine two dessert favourites and create lemon meringue cupcakes? A fluffy cake with zesty lemon and sweet, soft meringue is the stuff of sweet dreams. The cupcakes can be baked the day before, with the filling and topping added on the day. Get the recipe: Lemon meringue cupcakes 2. Tangy lemon squares The perfect Sunday dessert when looking for a sweet and tangy treat. Try our delicious Tangy lemon squares here:  Tangy lemon squares 3. Coconut & lemon curd cake Tangy, tasty with a hint of tropical coconut. Serve this Coconut & lemon curd cake as your next show stopping dessert. Get the recipe: Coconut & lemon curd cake 4. Easy Lemon Curd Good old-fashioned lemon curd. This recipe comes to us via Craig Hibbert, ex-pastry chef at The Palace Hotel in Sun City.  It’s … Continue reading 10 Recipes for when life gives you too many lemons