Try these trending Big Mac smash tacos

Trending Big Mac smash tacos Craving a Big Mac? One-up it and make a simpler version at home instead! These ‘Big Mac smash tacos’ has gone viral online, garnering over 30 million views over the last month. The recipe requires minimal ingredients and effort but hits the spot just like your fave fast food burgers do! @naughtyfork Yes, theyre amazing #fyp #smashtacos #foryou #tacos #bigmac #burgers ♬ Cupid – Twin Ver. (FIFTY FIFTY) – Sped Up Version – sped up 8282 INGREDIENTS For the Big Mac sauce 3 tbsp mayo. 3 tbsp tomato sauce. 1 tsp apple cider vinegar or white wine vinegar. ½ tsp hot sauce. 2 tsp Worcestershire sauce. 1 tsp mustard. For serving 1 iceberg lettuce leaf finely sliced. 2 tbsp finely chopped dill pickles. For the Big Mac tacos 200 g ground beef (10% fat). Salt and pepper to taste. 4 small tortillas. Vegetable oil for cooking. 8 slices of cheese. METHOD For the Big Mac sauce WHISK together all the ingredients in a bowl and set aside. For serving PREP your lettuce and pickles for burgers. For the Big Mac tacos MIX the ground beef with salt and pepper. PRESS a thin layer of beef onto the tortillas. Pre all before you begin cooking. PREHEAT a hot skillet or griddle over high heat – it … Continue reading Try these trending Big Mac smash tacos