The benefits of using coffee grounds in your garden

Using spent coffee grounds in your garden is a popular hack that has been around for a while. You may be wondering whether using coffee grounds in the garden has all the benefits gardeners believe they do. The short answer is yes, but with some caveats. Using coffee grounds in the garden Using coffee grounds is a great way to repurpose your kitchen waste outdoors. Instead of shelling out money that you could be spending on plants, you can use coffee grounds that would otherwise go in the bin. In terms of plant health, coffee grounds also contain around 2% nitrogen according to studies. Nitrogen is important for strong leaf and stem growth, and coffee grounds can supplement the nutrient needs of leafy plants. However, using coffee grounds alone can lead to a nutrient imbalance in the soil, so it’s best to use them in compost where they can break down and release nitrogen over time. Tips for using coffee grounds to boost your garden’s vitality: Rich in nutrients: Coffee grounds are a valuable source of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, essential nutrients for plant growth. Sprinkle them around your plants or mix them into your compost to enrich the soil naturally. … Continue reading The benefits of using coffee grounds in your garden