Cold Brew Coffee

It’s still hot outside, but you’re in need of a pick me up, we’ve got your back! Take a look at how we made this delicious cold brew coffee below! There are a few steps you need to follow to create the perfect cold brew coffee, and we’re here to guide you through them. Coarse beans Cold brew coffee has a different flavour to normal coffee made with boiling water. This is because the beans used need to be ground to a medium coarse consistency. We advise buying coffee beans at a roastery and grinding them there, using instant or filter coffee won’t work, as it allows small granules into the final brew Using this consistency of coffee beans prevents the bitter flavours from getting into the water, creating a sweeter, more rounded flavour. If you have a suitable coffee grinder or food processor, grind the beans at home. Cold water & overnight brewing The second step to creating the best cold brew coffee (and achieving that delicious flavour), is using cold water, and having patience. Steeping your coffee allows the delicate coffee flavour to infuse into the water slowly, without adding any bitterness or acidity that hot water does. Steeping … Continue reading Cold Brew Coffee