What do common cooking terms actually mean?

For newbie and seasoned home cooks alike, seeing a cooking term in a recipe that you’re not familiar with can be confusing and sometimes off-putting. Today, we’ve put together some of the most common cooking terms and what they actually mean, so that you will never be stopped from trying out a new recipe again!   Cooking Al dente When pasta is cooked to just firm! Dice This refers to cutting ingredients, most often vegetables like carrots or onions, into square pieces that are uniform in size. The purpose of dicing is to make sure that the ingredient cooks evenly, as the uniform size of the pieces means that heat and flavours will be distributed the same way amongst all the pieces. Mince Mincing refers to cutting an ingredient into the smallest pieces possible, and is most often used for ingredients that add flavour like garlic or herbs. To mince something, rock your knife back and forth over the ingredient until it is very fine. Sweat To sweat is to cook something without adding colour, which is what makes it different to browning or sautéing. To sweat an ingredient is essentially to draw out moisture, so it is done on … Continue reading What do common cooking terms actually mean?