Honey 101: how it’s made and it’s benefits

Words: Bianca Muller A spoonful of honey in your tea or a drizzle over your pancakes sounds like a sweet, sweet morning, doesn’t it? The goodness of honey knows no end, and it even has some health benefits too. Learn all about the liquid gold condiment in this honey 101 guide! Honey 101 How honey is made We’ll confess – we might have reached for the jar of honey in the pantry numerous times before, yet the thought of how it reached the golden and delicious end result hasn’t crossed our minds all too often. How does it go from nectar to an edible syrupy substance? Simply put, bees store nectar in their ‘crop’ which undergoes a process of regurgitation for it to end up in a honeycomb. By fanning their wings, the bees help with the process of evaporation, and voila! Honey as we know it takes form. What many don’t know is that the type of flower that bees frequent influences factors such as the honey’s taste and colour, hence the different types on the market. Clover honey, acacia honey, orange blossom honey and wildflower honey are only some of the many varieties that are available. A sweet … Continue reading Honey 101: how it’s made and it’s benefits