How to make biltong, the South African way

Although the process may be tedious, learning how to make biltong is probably the best way to ensure that you always have your favourite snack in your pantry. Making quality biltong requires a little know-how but is still a lot easier than most realise. Here are three basic steps to get you started on learning how to make biltong (the South African way). 1. Meat selection It is possible to transform a wide variety of meats into biltong (ranging from fish to turkey), but for the uninitiated, beef or game is recommended, as these will suit most tastes.  With this, you may select any type of meat of your choice but the standard factors of cut, ageing, and fat content will all affect your biltong in the same way that they do when you’re choosing a meat to cook with. “Venison (silverside) is a popular choice because it is leaner and has higher fat content,” says Michael Makrides, CEO at Biltong Boytjies.  2. Preparation (Cutting, basting & seasoning) Once you have selected your meat, it’s time to prepare your biltong in the way that you’d like it in terms of size and taste.   Start by removing excess fat, this will assist … Continue reading How to make biltong, the South African way