How to make sugar cubes

Most of the time, afternoon tea simply involves flicking on the kettle and sitting outside with a box of bikkies. But other times, it’s an opportunity to transport yourself to Regency England to join the likes of The Bridgertons, The Darcys from Pride & Prejudice and Jane Austen’s Emma. Elegantly dressed lords and ladies sip tea from fine china teacups on the lush lawns outside their manor house. Their shaded table, surrounded by gardens bursting with blooms, is laden with crustless sandwiches, scones and lavish treats.  Let’s lay a string quartet over that scene just to be extra. Now that is a proper tea!  Okay, maybe I got a teensy bit carried away (can you tell I love tea parties?). Although I can’t promise you such extravagance, these DIY sugar cubes will definitely take your next tea party to a new level of regal sophistication. Bonus, they are surprisingly easy to make! They look like glistening gems, so put them on display in a pretty dish for guests to help themselves. Use any shape silicone mould you like or add food colouring for some extra flair. Beautifully packaged, these sugar cubes will also make really thoughtful gifts or party favours. … Continue reading How to make sugar cubes