How to use leftover coffee grounds

Got leftover coffee grounds? Coffee beans make a GOOD cup of coffee… but when that’s done why not up-cycle them? Love a good cup of coffee made from freshly ground coffee beans? The aroma, the texture, the unbeatable flavour. “There is no doubt about it, making coffee from fresh beans is not just about the coffee but about the ‘theatre’ that comes with it,” explains Matthew Dees, senior brand manager for Jacobs coffee. Using quality coffee beans to make your coffee is the first step in getting the best taste. The way you make it, how finely or coarsely the beans are ground, even the temperature of the water all plays a role in the taste experience, whether you are using a manual or electric grinder: Great beans equal great coffee. When it comes to good quality beans, Jacobs Barista Editions range includes two different blends, Crema and Espresso, offering high quality products with the magical Jacobs aroma sealed in. These beans have been slow roasted to create the desired aromas and intensity levels expected by coffee bean connoisseurs, and are 100% Arabica, for a smoother taste. Always grind your beans just before you brew to get the most freshness … Continue reading How to use leftover coffee grounds