Pasta shapes and their uses

Pasta is a kitchen staple that comes in a whole host of different shapes and forms. From traditional spaghetti to potato-based gnocchi and everything in between, each different type of pasta is best suited to a specific sauce or dish. In this article we discuss some of the most popular pasta shapes and the best ways to use them. Spaghetti This long and thin pasta is one of the most common and most loved pasta types. The fact that it is only a little thicker than angel hair, but not quite as delicate, means that spaghetti is well suited to both light and creamy sauces, as well as hearty meat-based sauces like a bolognese. Tagliatelle Very similar to fettuccine but slightly thicker, tagliatelle looks like flattened spaghetti. The thickness of the noodle means that tagliatelle is often paired with thicker and meatier sauces, but the long flat shape allows it not to overpower lighter cream-based sauces as well. Penne This is a tube-shaped pasta with slanted ends, and is another staple found in many kitchens. The ridges on penne mean that it is able to cling onto sauces, allowing it to pair well with thicker sauces. Penne is also ideal … Continue reading Pasta shapes and their uses