Quick hacks for a better, healthier pasta

We all have a guilty pleasure, and if we’re being honest, pasta is probably most of ours. Diet culture tends to make carbs a sin, but thanks to all the information out there, we now know that this isn’t necessarily true, its about how you make them! These days making a good nutritional pasta is far from hard, you just need to slot in some alternatives. Work those noodles Spaghetti is not always your only choice, even if its your go-to. These days you can get a variety of vegetable options as a replacements to a carb-heavy pasta base. These are also an great way to up your veggie intake. Zucchini pasta for one, is the alternative we wish we knew about sooner. Salt the water Sometimes we tend to have a bit of a heavy hand on the salt. A good trick is to salt the water just before throwing the pasta into the pot to cook, this in essence prevents you from adding salt to the plate once you dish. The ultimate win here is a dish with lower sodium levels, amazing right? All vegged out Protein options to your pasta does not always have to be chicken, … Continue reading Quick hacks for a better, healthier pasta