How to make basic white sauce

What is white sauce? White sauce is traditionally made by thickening milk with a white roux (a paste of flour and butter).  Also known as bechamel, white sauce is one of the five Mother Sauces of French cuisine and features in many everyday dishes. Although often flavoured with bay and nutmeg, bechamel can also be used as a base to make cheese sauce and mushroom sauce.   How to make white sauce Once you get a hang of white sauce, you soon won’t need to rely on a recipe to make it. You’re simply going to start by melting butter and stirring in an equal amount of flour to form a thick paste. The paste needs to be cooked out for a minute to develop some flavour, after which warmed milk is whisked in gradually to reach your desired consistency. Finish it all off with your flavouring of choice, et voila! Make sure to whisk in the milk gradually to prevent lumps from forming. If your sauce becomes lumpy, whisk vigorously until it becomes smooth again, and pass through a sieve to get rid of any residual bits. Using warmed milk also helps to prevent lumps. MAKES about 2 1/3 … Continue reading How to make basic white sauce