Food traditions from around the world

From New Year to birthdays, there is always a celebration that’s cause for some extra special and delicious food. Food traditions are the backbone of many family interactions and what’s not to love about good old fashion comfort food for a celebration. We thought we would share some food traditions from around the world to inspire a new tradition or simply to take you on a flavour journey from within the comfort of your kitchen. New Year in Mexico Tamales are famous throughout Mexico as a food enjoyed at just about any occasion. Over the New Year, tamales are earnestly enjoyed in great volumes either bought from local vendors or homemade. These parcels of corn dough stuffed with meat, cheese, salsa and seasoned with ground chilli and other spices, are wrapped in a paper-like corn husk or banana leaf and steamed or baked to perfection. Diwali in India Throughout this holiday, a range of sweets are devoured – however, there are a few savoury favourites that will definitely make an appearance during the festival of lights. For one, there are Samoosas with various fillings that are chock full of delicious spices. Typically, these parcels are filled with cooked veggies that … Continue reading Food traditions from around the world