5 Health benefits of mango seeds

Some of us are accustomed to throwing mango seeds away once we have enjoyed the goodness of this tropical juicy fruit. Mangoes are rich in being a source of vitamins C, A, and E. Enjoyed either alone or as a fruit salad during breakfast, utilised as a snack throughout the day, and employed as dessert in the evening, this versatile fruit harbours a seed that has also been proven to hold numerous health benefits. Before you throw away your mango seed the next time you indulge in it, you might want to check the following benefits found in mango seeds as shared by¬†Organic Facts. Skin care With its density of antioxidants and volatile compounds, mango seed is able to help improve the appearance of the skin, reducing signs of inflammation, such as acne, particularly when the powdered form is topically applied to the affected area. It can also help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. Hair care & dandruff By making a hair mask with powdered mango seed and water, you can strengthen your hair follicles, particularly when you rub the paste into your scalp. This can also eliminate inflammatory conditions, such as dandruff. Diabetes As per a … Continue reading 5 Health benefits of mango seeds