Darling Brew launches its new gluten-free lager, ‘BREAK FREE’

Darling Brew has just launched its ‘BREAK FREE’ craft beer, a gluten-free lager. ‘BREAK FREE’ is set to create a buzz in the beer community, as the product still offers that crispy, enjoyable taste while expanding the Darling Brew experience to a wider audience. Catering to both taste buds and dietary restrictions, Darling Brew’s gluten-free lager will redefine the way beer enthusiasts enjoy their favourite beverage by carefully removing gluten without sacrificing flavour. ‘At Darling Brew, we believe that beer should be about enjoyment, and that’s exactly what our ‘BREAK FREE’ brings to the table,’ said Tewie Roos, the managing director of Darling Brew. ‘We are thrilled to introduce this newest addition to our range of craft beers as a tribute to the White-Bellied Sunbird, a small bird that represents freedom and strength. The vibrant and diverse colours of the Sunbird inspired the colourful label of ‘BREAK FREE’, which promotes the idea of breaking free from gluten and enjoying beer without any limitations.’ The development of ‘BREAK FREE’ took a year to complete, but its release is timely for summer and festive celebrations, making it a suitable gift or party addition. Darling Brew, Africa’s first carbon-neutral brewery, is committed to … Continue reading Darling Brew launches its new gluten-free lager, ‘BREAK FREE’