‘Help me fight this fight’ – Fatima Sydow admitted to hospital

Fatima Sydow, Cape Town’s beloved celebrity chef, shared the latest update on her battle against cancer on social media. In a video, filmed from her hospital bed, Sydow, known for her optimism, appeared troubled, as she asked viewers to maintain a positive outlook and support her in her struggle against cancer. “Hello Everyone, I’m currently in hospital. Love you all. Stay positive, motivated and don’t give up.” Sydow (49) is fighting soft tissue sarcoma stage 4 Cancer. An extremely rare and aggressive type of cancer. She was diagnosed with cancer in December 2020 and has been on a journey of remission and relapse in her treatment with chemotherapy. Picture: @fatima_sydow_cooks / Instagram At the beginning of August, Sydow shared some unfortunate news: “To all my friends, extended family and followers, I have some not-so-good news to share with you all. My Chemotherapy treatment has stopped working; I got the results 10 days ago. The tumours are growing again, and we have kind of run out of options. My character and nature will go on, and I will live each day to the fullest and to the best of my ability. I am waiting for the cold weather to go away … Continue reading ‘Help me fight this fight’ – Fatima Sydow admitted to hospital