New products available at Woolies!

Woolies newest offerings – innovative deliciousness in every bite    There are some exciting new products available at woolies! When it comes to food, Woolies are at the forefront of innovation. Their unwavering drive towards continuous betterment and culinary exploration sets them ahead of the pack in the all-important race towards top-quality food offerings at every opportunity. Whether you’re searching for a sensational starter, a moreish main, or a delectable dessert, Woolworths’ latest batch of newness is guaranteed leave you smiling with satisfaction at every bite! The new products available at Woolies are: STARTERS Anchovies Anchovies are having a moment, and it’s about time! Your search for an effortlessly delicious snack or antipasti is finally over, all thanks to Woolies’ new anchovies’ range. Woolies’ newest range includes White Anchovy Fillets, Brown Anchovies in Sunflower Oil, and a Fresh Anchovy Paste that is undoubtedly different to anything you’ve ever tasted before! Use these delightful new offerings to top a crunchy bruschetta or scatter them throughout a simple green salad to reimagine this al fresco classic. Forget whatever you think you know about anchovies and celebrate their delicate, briny saltiness in a whole new way. MAINS Plant-based Protein Protein sources can be … Continue reading New products available at Woolies!