The Lebanese Bakery and Kitchen: Magic, Marhaba & Manakish

Food is magical. It’s a common thread that mystically connects all of us, bridging the gap over the 7000 languages and patchwork of unique cultures that make up our world. Food is comfort, joy and nostalgia; it is who we are. Beautifully put by Cesar Chavez, “The people who give you their food, give you their heart”. This understanding is the foundation on which The Lebanese Bakery and Kitchen in Cape Town is built. And that, in turn, makes it a magical place.  Nestled amongst the hustle and bustle of Imam Haron Road in Claremont, The Lebanese Bakery and Kitchen is a contrastingly colourful, bubbly and welcoming space specialising in Levantine cuisine. Levantine food is a celebration of life; it’s simple, fresh and heartfelt. Lemon, garlic, herbs and olive oil make common appearances, and warming spices are skilfully used to amplify the existing flavours in fresh produce. The bakery is co-owned by Khaled El-Alfy, a former civil engineer from Egypt, and Clara Bubenzer, a chef of German descent. With synergistic east-meets-west backgrounds and a shared passion for Middle Eastern culture and food, they’re an exciting force in the growing Cape Town foodscape. With its glowing reputation, I decided to visit … Continue reading The Lebanese Bakery and Kitchen: Magic, Marhaba & Manakish