Wine and Food Spectacular in Riebeek Kasteel

Wine and Food Spectacular in the Swartland, by Swartlanders That is the essence of an upcoming wine and food series like few others! This is the opportunity that awaits everyone from serious epicureans to vino babes keen to get an insight into one of South Africa’s most fascinating regions. Launching on July 1, the wine-and-food series features six wineries, from Swartland blockbusters to niche rockstars, alongside delectable menus prepared and served at The Barn in Riebeek Kasteel. The dinners take place once a month until December 2, with just 20 tickets available for each event. “The Swartland is home to incredible wines and wine personalities,” says The Barn founder and chef Thomas Jamneck. “We’re proud to be able to create a platform that will further showcase this diversity, giving out-of-towners an opportunity to see where they’re born, and locals, a close-to-home chance to experience an event commonly reserved for larger towns and cities.” Thomas has long been a supporter of local producers with the bulk of his wine list comprising wines from the region. The restaurant, with its cosy interiors and comfortable outdoor seating, is among the most popular for its delicious culinary offerings and elevated views of the village … Continue reading Wine and Food Spectacular in Riebeek Kasteel