Tablescaping 101

Have you heard of tablescaping? Essentially, it’s the online trend of beautifully-decorated tables for dinner parties or entertaining guests. Since the festive season is approaching, and in turn an increase in entertaining, we thought that we’d break down the art of dressing your table. Why is tablescaping different to setting the table? Tablescaping is arranging your table in a creative manner in order to create a certain mood or theme. It can be done for large, lavish affairs and more intimate gatherings alike, as tablescaping is adaptable and only limited by the imagination of its curator. Additionally, despite some of the incredible tables that you can find on social media, tablescaping doesn’t need to be an expensive ordeal. Using what you already have at home to create a memorable set-up is what tablescaping is all about. A successful tablescape In order to create a successful and memorable tablescape, it needs to tie-in with the theme of the occasion and evoke the correct mood and feelings amongst your guests. Are you going for classy but cosy, nostalgic, lavish and dazzling? As with interior design, tablescaping is all about putting together all the little aspects of your project while always focusing on … Continue reading Tablescaping 101