The 75 Hard Challenge and its variations

A few months ago, the 75 Hard Challenge went rampant across TikTok. It quickly became the next big fitness challenge, with its 5 rules being relatively easy and simple to follow. But the word hard isn’t in the title for no reason… After some time, the 75 Hard Challenge morphed into several easier but really effective variations. Even now, I stumble across the various versions of this massive fitness and mental health challenge. Regardless of the format, what remains clear to me is that these challenges can be for the better – both for your fitness and mental health! No matter which version of the 75 Hard Challenge you undertake, know that you’re doing something life-changing. What is 75 Hard?   There are 5 rules you must follow when taking on this challenge for 75 days: 1. Choose a diet, stick to it and cut alcohol out completely. 2. Complete two full 45-minute workouts, daily, with one workout being outside. 3. Drink 1 gallon of water a day – that’s 3.7 litres by the way. 4. Read 10 pages of a non-fiction book. 5. Take progress pictures. While it seems simple enough, if you break any of these rules – … Continue reading The 75 Hard Challenge and its variations